How We Grow Baby Leaf

A range of 14 leaf types from kale to wasabi.

We are passionate about baby leaf and it`s a fast moving part of our business. The team is truly specialised and is responsible for most of the innovation and development, from searching the globe for the finest seeds to developing state of-the-art production equipment.

Our fields in the UK are all in Dorset. Situated just outside the county town of Dorchester, this is a great location to grow our leaves as we are close to the Jurassic Coast breeze. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Dorchester recently topped a national poll for consuming more fruit and veg than elsewhere in the UK!

It’s a far cry from watercress production which has the natural support of spring water warmth. The baby leaf team in the UK start sowing in February and harvest right the way through from late Spring to the Autumn. It’s all grown outdoors and we don’t require any tunnels that can reduce the shelf life and natural robustness of our crop.

Our development team chooses varieties specific for shape, texture, flavour and colour. The crops are produced in sub- groups such as spinach and chards, lettuce, brassicas which includes our Chinese origin leaves and finally other minor groups such as red veined rocket, shiso or the tender pea shoots grown for sweetness.

All our leaves are either harvested and packed on site for national distribution to restaurants and hotels or shipped to businesses that wash and prepare for most of the major retailers.

If you have a requirement to buy some leaf you are washing for resale or just want to directly tap into our fields for ex-farm supplies please contact us directly.


# 1

Bed preparation.

# 2:

Selecting the varieties.

# 3:

Sowing the seeds.

# 4:

A little of the wet stuff if it doesn't rain.

# 5:

Using nature to help protect the crop.

# 6:

Protecting crops.

# 7:

Checking over crops before harvest.

# 8:

Harvesting our baby leaf.

# 9:

Removing insects from the harvest.