#1 Ingredient

Supplying watercress for soups, sauces, pestos, ice cream and even Gin!

UK's food innovators seem to have no limitations... our watercress is found all over the UK High Street in nutraceuticals, beverages, cosmetics, frozen aisles, sandwiches, sauces, fresh pesto, salads and our favourite - mouth-watering smoothies.

Due to its unique peppery flavour and highly regarded health attributes, watercress has been on the development list for many businesses at some point. Thanks to the historic and loyal support by UK consumers for this punchy leaf in UK homes, watercress on food packaging attracts customers.

The creativity never fails to amaze us and it's not just big business that uses watercress to create innovative new products; we are finding more new businesses are contacting us to source reliable, high quality and product specific watercress for their new products.

This love affair with the “chairman of the chopping board” is now percolating overseas and we are finding our powders in the USA, and our leaves on menus throughout Europe, and in some of the finer retailers looking to enjoy not only the health benefits of watercress but the culinary revolution sparked by this renaissance in the UK.

Our small batch gin combines ten botanicals including fresh watercress grown by the Watercress Company to create a spirit that is intense, fragrant and very refreshing. Their amazing watercress adds sweet herbaceous notes and a peppery sparkle to the finish that lifts our gin to new heights. We think it makes the most refreshing gin and tonic ever, but perhaps we're just a little biased.

- Twisted Nose Gin

We chose to use watercress in one of our salami as we wanted to make a typically Hampshire product and watercress fits the bill perfectly especially as a seasoning with Twisted Nose Gin (using watercress as a botanical). The dried watercress is a great product, easy to store and retains all of the flavour.

- Parsonage Farm