Our Farms

In the UK we have farms throughout Dorset and Hampshire and they vary in size from just over an acre to as large as 15 acres.

Due to our variable climate in the UK, specifically the cold winters, we cannot keep up with demand from UK beds alone and we therefore maintain continuity of supply by importing watercress from farms we own in both the USA and Spain. These farms ensure that we keep the UK market supplied all year round and guarantee the jobs of everyone working in the UK. Both overseas farms employ UK managers and we have been farming in Jerez in Spain since 1984 and in Florida since 1995.

When you pick up a bag from your local store and it says grown in Spain or USA do please consider that, although grown overseas, the watercress producer is part of a British business and we do rely on all year round trade. 

Waddock Cross, Dorchester. DORSET. UK.

Manor Farm, Alresford. Hampshire. UK.

Tincleton West Farm, Dorchester. DORSET. UK.

Brockhill Farm, Dorchester, DORSET. UK.

Bishop's Sutton Farm, Alresford. Hampshire. UK.

Springvale Farm, Winchester. Hampshire. UK.

Royalcress, Jerez. Spain.

Warmwell, Dorchester. DORSET. UK.

Drayton Farm, Alresford. Hampshire. UK.

Tincleton East Farm, Dorchester. DORSET. UK.

Maxwells Farm, Alresford. Hampshire. UK.

Finca Fui, Jerez. Spain.

Watercress Farms Inc, Myakka City, Florida. USA.