You could be one of our watercress ambassadors?


We are on a worldwide hunt for ambassadors who can help us spread the passion on how watercress is eaten, its health benefits and learn how the creativity of watercress fans help to make this humble leaf so special.  

As the UK's most passionate supplier of watercress, we'd love to connect with motivated individuals who would like to receive a regular delivery of watercress and introduce it into their recipes, nutritional diet and developing projects. 

As such a strong nutrient source, watercress is already really popular with chefs and food bloggers. For this reason, we are also interested in bringing on board sportsmen and women, athletes and sports trainers who would like to introduce watercress into their diet. 

We'd also love to hear from you if you are passionate about watercress or if you are undergoing any medical treatment and are keen to integrate watercress and its therapeutic properties as part of your nutritional diet plan.

We ask our ambassadors to provide us with regular updates which we will use on our blogs section and social media. Dependent on how you enjoy your watercress you will be featured in either our HEALTH BLOG or FOOD BLOG on our generic site

In return for being a watercress ambassador we will give you the following; 

  • You will be supplied with fresh watercress straight from our farms on a regular basis to be used for cooking or in your diet.

  • Nutritional information and support

  • A consultation with our development chef Keri Astill-Frew to get tips of how to use watercress and retain its full nutritional value

  • A welcome package including watercress merchandise

  • Farm tours to see how watercress is grown and harvested

Your recipes, updates and blogs will be used across the website, and our social channels, Instagram @lovewatercress Facebook @lovewatercress

To find out more about the nutritional, health, sports benefits of watercress visit here. 


If you would like to enquire about becoming an ambassador contact the watercress team by emailing