You will find watercress in all major supermarket retailers, most greengrocers and farm shops. It is on the shelves in over 4,400 stores nationwide.

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When buying watercress remember…

• You will find it in bags in the supermarkets, however it may be in bunches in greengrocers and farm shops.

• You will find it in the salad isle near the spinach and rocket. It isn’t near the herbs!

• Watercress is washed in spring water, not chlorine.

• Watercress is found in 60-85 gram bags to preserve freshness. Ideally you should consume watercress within 24hrs of purchasing however a bag is usually good for up to 3 days.

• If you find watercress flowers in your bag of watercress don’t worry! The watercress flowers are a natural part of the watercress life cycle and are edible! The aerial roots are also perfectly fine to eat.

• Sometimes you may find an insect in your bag. Although efforts are made to make sure there are no unwanted visitors in your watercress bag, sometimes they sneak in. Those sneaky insects love watercress just as much as us!